About Meat Coma

Barbecues happen all the time, but in September 2005, Adam Navage invited people to his house to make their specialties. He suggested that there would be so much meat consumed that people should prepare for the “meat coma”.

It was such a fun event, we decided it would be a great holiday party for our technicians and clients.

Later in 2005, Molecular Media and Adam Navage sponsored the first “official” Meat Coma at Tom Ierna’s house.

In July 2006, a Mini-Coma happened at Tom’s house, and then another official one happened at Phil and Allison’s house in December.

2007 brought the first Meat Coma at the Molecular Media and Industrial Strength warehouse.

2008 had a spaghetti western theme. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly was played on the big screen, and much meat was consumed.

2009 was a Science Fiction theme. We had a rocking Stargate, a Jabba the Hutt and some great meat!

2010 had a Luau theme. Our roast pig came out late, but was juicy and succulent. Thanks to everyone who showed up and voted Jerry Wood the king of the grill!

2011 is a Renaissance theme. Bring your best meat on a sword!